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      Peyton Pitt

      I have 4 wild-caught grey tree frogs in a vivarium. Two of them seem to be doing fine but the other two don’t seem to be doing well. I don’t have access to a vet so I’ve been researching everywhere trying to help them.
      Tiny doesn’t look too good. He used to be a happy tree frog, he was almost green, loved to sit on his little leaf, and would devour crickets, but now he’s a dark color and looking skinny. He’s always on the ground now and hasn’t been interested in food for almost two weeks now. He’s quite weak and seems to be getting weaker.

      My other tree frog, Hopper, is a little bit bigger. His case seems to be a bit different from Tiny’s. He spends a lot of time on the ground, but unlike tiny, he’s still a nice green color. He also still goes after food but seems to be a lot clumsier than he used to. He has these odd spasms with his head, where he wobbles it side to side almost every time he moves. He climbs when he wants to but has trouble doing so. A while ago I figured out that using filtered water from the fridge was bad for them. I then switched them over to treated water. I soaked Hopper in treated tap water thinking it was toxic shock syndrome but it didn’t seem to be doing much. I even tried the same thing with Tiny later on. I’m thinking maybe I should keep soaking them? I’m worried about stressing them out but I don’t know if I did it long or often enough.
      I once noticed red patches near their legs. I thought this was red-leg and was immediately worried, but this seemed to go away in a couple days or so. I assumed it could have been due to stress but I didn’t know what from, I have 3 sides of the cage covered and they never seemed to have a problem. I dust their crickets frequently with Vitamins and calcium.
      Tiny is looking very bad and I don’t feel he’s going to live much longer. He just kind of flops when I move him and doesn’t look good. I’ve started to wonder if humanely euthanizing him with benzocaine or something is the right thing to do, I don’t want to see him suffer…
      If anyone has any advice, I would really appreciate it. I’m at a loss here and am hoping to find some answers.

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      Serious bummer…let’s see if we can zero in on likely causes, although without a photo or two, a diagnosis will be an educated guess at best. Because they are wild-caught, chytrid is a possibility, so I recommend researching that disease thoroughly. If it is, it is curable in the early stages with an anti-fungal, which unfortunately only comes from a vet. If you have never wormed these wild-caught pets, that could be another problem. A heavy parasite load can sneak up on them, compromising their immune system and making them vulnerable to all sorts of secondary infections. Amphibian wormers are available online, if you think this may be the case. Also, when is the last time the ill ones defecated? If they look real skinny this is probably not the problem, but if the ones that are lethargic seem plump, it could be constipation, which can be lethal. If you suspect that this may be the case, a teaspoon of honey dissolved in the bath water will help, although it may take 2-3 for this remedy to produce the needed poop.

      If you can take a few pictures, that would help, but it does sound like it may be too late for one of the four frogs.

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