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      Green Tree Python Care Guide

      Green Tree Python Forum

      Green tree pythons are amazing animals that can live up to 20 years with proper care.  But caring for them is the hard part.  If they’re provided the wrong substrate, or exposed to cold temps, then they can suffer from irreversible health effects.

      Our reptile forum is moderated by zoologists, who have hands-on-training with many reptiles, amphibians, and other exotic pets.  And green tree pythons are one of the common animals that fall within their expertise.  So if you have questions about the health, sanitation, or habitat for your green tree python, please post a picture in our forum, so that our moderators can help you assess the problem.  But please know that they are not veterinarians.  And if you think your green tree python is suffering, then you should try and locate the nearest reptile veterinarian.

      Common Problems with Green Tree Pythons

      If you don’t monitor your green tree python, they can easily become dehydrated.  If they become dehydrated, they can suffer from retal prolapse.  This ultimately means your python has hemorrhoids.  And sadly, it can be fatal.  And this is one disadvantage of using frozen mice or rats, because the feeders lose a lot of moisture during this process.

      Additionally, proper husbandry and habitat sanitation is critical to caring for them.  In our Green Tree Python care guide, we show you:

      • green tree python diet and feeding schedule
      • proper habitat design – temperature and humidity requirements
      • sanitation guidelines

      If you’re an experienced green tree python keeper, share your tips and tricks to help ensure the health and happiness of their new pet.

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      Absolutely beautiful Snake!

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