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      I recently bought a 18x18x36 skyscraper tank for my 2 juvenile whites tree frogs (thinking about getting a third). A friend of a friend suggested a bioactive tank setup, so I’m looking into live plants. Are there any good plants that grow vines or will climb wood that are safe for frogs? (I have a cork backing)

      If you have any other advice about bioactive tanks, I’d love to hear it!

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      Greetings, below is an excerpt from the White’s Frog Care Guide available on the Critter Depot site.

      “Most tropical plants can be planted right on top of the screening for the drainage level of the substrate. The roots will go through the screen eventually, lending additional support to the plant. If you decide to remove the plant for some reason, bear this in mind in order to avoid ripping out more of the substrate than you intended. Popular choices include begonias, philodendron, pothos, aloe, spider plants, ficus, and dracaenas. They can be planted directly into the enclosure substrate and lightly watered a few times a week. Pepperomia sp., Hoya sp., and a number of attractive tropical mosses can make for a nice tableau. Small bromeliads for decorative purposes are sometimes used, but can rot if kept continually damp. If they are used, the keeper may need to replace them annually. Floating Crystalwort (Riccia fluitans), is a favorite of arboreal frog keepers as a carpet forming plant. As long as it is kept moist it will grow like a weed and the frogs love it.”

      Hope this was helpful. Several of the care guides on the site go into great detail about bio-active set-ups, although the White’s guide is not one of them. Perhaps you will find the wisdom you seek by cruising through the various guides and getting a feel for the pros and cons of bio-active set-ups, which I am actually a big fan of.

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      I have a bioactive. There are great YouTube videos on it. Just make sure you set up a Drainage layer. It’s more important than you think. I used pothos plant. It creates great vines that climb and frogs love sitting on the leaves. They also thrive in a bio set up and help keep the humidity up. My frogs love them and the bendable vines you find on Amazon.

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