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      I’m looking to get into a leopard gecko.
      I ordered this book: The Leopard Gecko Manual: Expert Advice for Keeping and Caring for a Healthy Leopard Gecko
      But I’m wanting to learn more. The book will be here soon, but I hope to learn a lot.
      Any good advise and such?
      Thank you guys.

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      We love that you’re looking to learn! You’re going to become a great pet-parent for a lucky leo. I haven’t read that particular book, but the reviews certainly make it looks compelling. My advise is to read multiple sources on leopard gecko care. If you’re reading the same advice across different sources, then it’s likely that is trust trust-worthy.

      Our in-house zoologist wrote this great care guide on leopard geckos. I suggest reading that book, reading our care guide, and then toss in atleast 1 more resource.

      And feel free to post any questions here!

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        Thank you I’ve brushed through your care guide, but it’s hard for me to read on iPads and other screens, so that’s why I’m looking for more videos & books 😄 I’ll give it a go and try to read it but my disability makes it hard lol.

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          Ill make a summary and post it here for ya, will that be easier to read?

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          **Supplies** (I can give links to all affordable options from amazon, if youd like. Just ask)
          -at least a 15 gallon tank.
          -uva/uvb bulb (no higher than 75w)
          -vitamin & mineral powder with D3 (A lot of people use both these and uva/uvb, including myself. But if both powders and UV are necessary is still debated)
          -Ceramic lamp (aka reptile lamp)
          -Calcium Powder
          -Reptile Heat Mat
          -Surface thermometer (sometimes comes with heat mat)
          -Temp & Humidity Gauge (they have some that have both)
          -Decorations (plants, logs, climbing rocks. All optional, but they seem to enjoy exploring these thing)
          -Water Dish (filled and in tank at all times)
          -Calcium Powder dish (can use cap from a bottle. Always keep in dish)
          -Substrate (coconut fiber, reptile carpet, slate, tiles, shelf liner, newspaper, paper towel)
          -sphagnum moss (can substitute with damp paper towel)
          -2 or 3 hides.

          **Set up/Details:**

          -Warm side should be between 88-93 (about 90, goal) degrees on the tank floor.
          -Cool side should be your room temperature in the 70-76 degrees. 30-40 humidity, tested on cool side.
          -Heat mat goes on one side (substrate on top)
          -Heat and/or just UV lamp over side with heat mat.
          -Hide positions: one over heat mat and one on cool side. You will also need a humid hide (i set this in between warm and cool side (with moist moss or paper towel inside, keep moist. Some people only put this hide in when shedding starts, i always keep one in. You can use a tupperware with a hole cut in it for them to walk through. Use tape to cover sharp edge or sand down with sandpaper)
          -Water bowl on cool side.

          Put calcium dish wherever you want, but always leave it in tank.
          -To clean use reptile scoop or paper towel. (geckos ‘go’ in the same spot, so its easy)
          If I’ve forgotten anything anyone, please add.

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          Hope that helps, of you have any questions, please ask.

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      Youre in the right place! The guide mentioned above is a great start (you’d do great simply sticking to that honestly). I like watching the youtube channel ‘Leopard Gecko’, she pretty much goes over everything and is spot on. I haven’t ready that book, but by what i just read about it, it seems ok. A lot of reptile husbandry has changed over the years, so I always cross reference anything I read. Any questions you ask here will be answered quickly (and nicely), by people who have been caring for these types of pets for a very long time. I prefer to learn from people who has successfully kept their pets alive and healthy long term, so I love it here. And the people are always nice. Welcome to Herpetoculture! 🙂

      Added a picture of our Leo.

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      Congratulations! You can begin the learning process right here at Critter Depot. Find the Care Guide for Leopard Geckos and read that while waiting for the book. And since no one single care quide can answer all questions a new owner may have, post those questions here and I generally will get back to you within 24 hours.

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