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      Izzy Roberts
      General advice?

      Hi I am very new here!

      I recently had a Pacman frog and it’s absolutely beautiful and amazing and I am in love already.

      I got him two days ago; the lady in the store said he was 7 months (not sure of gender yet), very placid doesn’t go for her when feeding, she fed him 3-4 time’s a week on crickets, locusts etc and 1 a week to 1 a fortnight on pinkies.

      She said he is very relaxed and doesn’t move about much unless he’s eating and he tends to sit partially burrowed in the tanks the shop had him in.

      She explains he was due a feed so gave me some crickets and pinkies.

      When I got home I set up his tank with coco brick, a small water dish with declorinated water, fake plants. When I open his little carry case he jumped right out and I almost died through jumping out my own skin as that was not what I expected. I encourage him back into the tub and then into the tank. About 2-3 hours later I tried him with a cricket and he took it straight down before I even let the cricket him the coco substrate. Which again made me jump a little hah, he had another one and again took it off the tongs… wow. We noticed he sat in his water pond for a fair few hours and the water came up to his chin. So I left him to it and left the light off on the tank, at some point he moved to the corner of the tank. And partially made a dip he sat in, I changed his water as it was filthy from he bathing, and I put it back in about 9pm and I went to bed. The following morning the water was filthy again so I assume he went for another dip. I changed his water about 3pm for again declorinated water. And he stayed sat in the corner only slightly in a dip. At about 6pm I have him 1 locust and he sat and watched it for 1-2 minutes and pounced and ate it straight up. He stayed in his corner and repositioned from his pounce. Then at some unknown time he went back to his bath and had a soak in his fresh water. Lovely, just before I got into bed this evening I noticed him out the pond, staring out his tank into my soul just on The substrate looking very away! His eyes were huge and pretty!

      I guess I am wondering is he okay? Does he sound okay? Is this normal I know they don’t do much at all, and that’s okay. I am just being a worrier. I don’t plan to feed him now till Tuesday but even that’s confusing some day daily for a juvenile, some day every 2-3 days, and I know he’ll eat and eat and eat if I provide the food but I dont want him to get I’ll from that either.

      And how do I know if he’s pooped or not? And why do I keep saying he when I don’t know the gender! Haha.

      Please any advice would be amazing, I’m planning to call the shop I got him from to ask if he seems okay and to find a amphibian vet tomorrow and try to see if I can get him insured! I’d rather he was tbh.

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      He sounds quite normal to me. This species is a stealth hunter, so don’t expect a great deal of activity from him/her. For now, you can feed him as much as he will eat in one sitting daily, but in two months start cutting back because they are prone to unhealthy levels of obesity. No more than every other day, and even less often from time to time, which will mimic a feast/famine eating sequence typical of wild life.

      Fouling clean water is pretty typical, and you will just have to keep with the cleaning. You will know when he has pooped, believe me, unless he does it in his burrow. They are subject to constipation, so if you don’t see a poop in the next 24 hours, make sure that he has used his water dish regularly. Adding store-bought earthworms to his diet can help prevent constipation, as they are sort of slimy and help to lubricate the gut. So not catch any outside and feed it to him, they are full of parasites. As long as he is eating well there is no cause for alarm. If he stops eating, then search the habitat for signs of poo. If you don’t find any, place him in a warm bath with a tablespoon of honey dissolved in it. Most keepers find that this works wonders except in case of serious impaction, which is a much larger problem and would be the subject of a different post. For now, he sounds just fine.

      Let us know how he is doing in a week or so, that way we can celebrate his good health or offer additional advice if needed.

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