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      This is my bearded dragon named Gekko (four year old son named him). He is currently living in my office in a bioactive terrarium I built for him. He has planted greens, a fresh filtered water system, and multiple basking spots. He enjoys watching me work at my desk and is really docile. Thanks for the votes! He could use some free crickets!

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      A beardie named Gekko, too funny.  I once had a friend who named her cat ‘Pony’ and I have another friend who named his goat ‘Pig’.  We would love to get a gander at Gekko, so please do try to upload a picture of him.  Try to include a bit of the bioactive terrarium if you can because other readers are always interested in the specifics of keepers ‘bioactive’ experiences, what works, what doesn’t, what kinds of plants were planted, and so forth.  We look forward to the Pic!

Viewing 1 reply thread

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