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      Free Crickets for Smokey (:

      Well this is Smokey, my bearded dragon ❤️ He’s pretty dumb but still the cutest. So this is him when he got stuck cause the idiot kept running around just messing up his basking / hiding. He hust kept doing the same thing 🙄 so yeah this is what i always had to deal with lol. Anyways vote for Smokey or Banana ( leopard gecko ) so they can get some crickets !

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      Smokey might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I bet he is pretty entertaining.  I have one retarded goat (literally retarded from unskillful dehorning), that tries to think of new ways to kill herself every day.  But she also has the most blythe spirit of my entire herd and cracks me up the most.  I’m assuming Smokey is the same way.

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