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      Nearly all of you are reptile owners.  But a few of you may also be avid fishermen or women.  And this time of year is when we generally see more and more bait shops and fishermen or women looking for crickets for bait.  If you fit this profile, here’s a quick and dirty guide on how to target and catch rainbow trout during your next outing.

      Cold Water

      Trout love cold water.  If the water temps get above 68 degrees, they start to get stressed, and will have a difficult time surviving.  So you’re most advantageous time to lurk for trout is when the waters are nice and chill.  But don’t wade in static water.  Rainbow trout are predators that like to ambush their prey.  To help conserve energy, they will use the movement of the current to help guide and propel their motions.

      One advantage a trout fisherman has is that trout are generally missing insects from their diet in the colder months.  You can exploit this diet deficiency, and fly fish with crickets or black soldier fly larvae.  The challenge for the fisherman is keeping the insects warm enough to wiggle long enough to attract the attention of the trout.  But due to the low frequency of edible insects, most fishermen and women can anticipate some nibbles if they are able to locate an area populated with yummy trout.

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