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      I want to get a fire bellied newt. Can I get just one or do I have to get two? I have been getting mixed messages from many sources. Also, since I have limited space, if I get just one can I keep it in a 5 gallon tank? It seems you keep 2 in a 10 gallon and 4 in a 20 gallon, so could I keep 1 in a 5? If a newt care expert could please answer I would appreciate it!

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      They are a relatively social species and will be happier with company. So I suggest that as you weigh these alternatives, that you lean in favor of two newts in a 10-gallon tank. Two newts will be happier with each other, but may find themselves uncomfortably crowded in a 5-gallon space. If you simply have no room for a 10-gallon set -up, then get just one newt. Loneliness may shorten it’s lifespan, as a lonely animal has a lower immune system, but won’t kill your pet outright, right away. I do recommend 2, if possible, since unlike a bearded dragon or other human-oriented pets that enjoy handling and human interaction, these pets are more for show and dislike being handled, so their only company is really each other.

      I hope this helps you think through all of the options. Thank you for asking, it means that you care and are trying to provide the best care possible.

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