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      Hi I need help very quickly as my 1 and a half year old pixie frog female Oujia has become extremely lethargic and only wants to stay in her burrow hut . she has tattered dry skin and looks wrinkly , and has not eaten in about 3 weeks!! She is completely uninterested in food and will smack it or turn away. She also has beeb doing a lot of hard “swallowing” and looks like she is in pain and will some times squeak or chirp while swallowing over and over. What is wrong with her?? She’s my baby I don’t want to lose her

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      It’s hard to be certain, but it certainly doesn’t sound good. Given what you have said about the skin, there is a possibility of chitrid if she has been exposed to other amphibians. What is more likely is impaction of some kind. If the alimentary tract is badly blocked, she will not be able to eat, because there’s nowhere for the food to go. It definitely sounds like a trip to the vet is called for, but until then, a forced bath will help keep her hydrated. The skin wrinkling may be due to dehydration and the bath will help a lot. She needs to be bathed for 20 minutes daily, and the humidity in her habitat raised.

      What sort of substrate is she kept on?

Viewing 1 reply thread

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