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      Farm Fresh Eggs or Store Bought?  What’s the difference?

      Sure, going to the grocery store is easier.  But is it better for you?  We wrote this detailed guide comparing store bought eggs vs farm fresh.  But studies have revealed that farm fresh eggs are superior to store bought eggs in a number of areas.

      • farm fresh eggs are more nutritional
      • farm fresh eggs promote sustainability
      • farm fresh eggs are tastier because of the hen’s higher quality of living

      How do farm fresh eggs this advantage?  The difference is how hens are raised.  Farm fresh chickens are raised on small farms, in open fields, where they can forage in open pastures and fields, they are ingesting additional nutrients that aren’t going to be found in chicken feed.  A diet made only of chicken feed is okay.  However, a hen that can graze and forage through open fields is going to be heartier, healthier, and less stressed.  But do keep in mind, free roaming chickens are more susceptible to predators.

      The general public assumes that store-bought eggs that are labeled cage free or free range means their chickens are raised in quality conditions.  But this is not necessary true.  Although these marketing slogans simulate a positive interpretation from many consumers, these chickens are often raised in crammed, over-populated environments.  These types of environments have been proven to drastically increase stress hormones within the chickens, which do have an adverse effect on the quality of the eggs produced.

      Raising your own chickens for their farm fresh eggs also reduces our dependency on mass produced chicken farms.  These large, institutional are notorious for excess water usage.  Buy bringing the chickens home, you’ll reduce dependency on these farms, and improve your own healthy with quality eggs.

      Of course, the challenge with farm fresh eggs is actually raising your own hens.  But from experience, the biggest challenge is actually raising the baby chicks into the hens.  Chicks are at extreme risk to temps, predators, and insufficient food and water.  A good chicken keeper will monitor their chicks daily, keep them clean, and make sure their temps are managed.   Because baby chicks don’t have their adult feathers, they are not able to retain heat, nor protect themselves from the cold.  So it’s critical that chicken keepers take the extra steps to manage and protect their chicks.  After 12-16 weeks, these chicks will turn into adult chickens, which don’t require as much maintenance.

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        The general public assumes that store-bought eggs that are labeled cage free or free range means their chickens are raised in quality conditions. But this is not necessary true.

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