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      Dubia Roaches vs Silkworms – Which is the better feeder?

      Reptile owners need to look for 3 important nutritional factors when caring for their pet:

      • High in protein (30-60%)
      • High in fat (40-70%)
      • Low carbohydrates and indigestible fiber

      Dubia roaches and silkworms are common feeders.  But they have different nutritional profiles.  Silkworms don’t provide the proper fat or mineral content for budding reptiles.  Because of these missing features, they should not be used as a staple feeder.  However, their protein and low fiber content make them a nice treat.

      Dubia roaches are a better option as a staple feeder.  They have an optimal protein/fat ratio, and low fiber.  Their mineral content is not perfect, so they will still need to be gut-loaded and dusted.  As long as they are gut-loaded, they can be the daily staple feeders your pet needs.

      You can read the indepth review between dubia roaches and silkworms here.

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