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      Dubia Roaches or Madagascar Hissers – which is the better feeder?

      Dubias?  Madagascar hissers?  Which of these roaches is the better feeder insect?

      It’s important to make sure you beautiful reptile or amphibian is getting the proper nutrition for their health and safety.  And both dubias and madagascar hissers are very common feeder insects.  So which  one is the better option?  And can either be used as a base or staple feeder?  Or should they both be as supplemental feeders for your pet’s diet?

      We broke down the nutritional differences between the dubias and madagascar hissers so that you can make an informed decision on which is the best option.  In this article, we review:

      • protein content
      • fat content
      • calcium to phosphorus
      • fiber

      These are important nutrients for every carnivorous reptile.  As we learned, most carnivorous reptiles require the following:

      • high protein content (30-60%)
      • high fat content (40-70%)
      • low carbs and indigestible fiber
      • 2:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio

      Learn more about dubia roaches and madagascar hissers to see if they fit the nutritional needs or your favorite pet!

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