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      His name is Drago. Large cricket are his favorite, but he will settle for medium. I often run into the problem of local stores being out of crickets, and some of the crickets die pretty quickly. Even though they have “Fluker’s Cricket Quencher Supplement” and “Fluker’s High Calcium” in there, I still often find the crickets dead after one day of purchase. I live about 20 mins away from 2 local stores that sell crickets, Petco and Colonial Pet Shopp. I even had to give him dried dead crickets, which he won’t even touch by the way. There has been a day or two where He’s only had romaine lettuce to eat. Clearly he’s not starved, by any means. I do have a protein supplement to put on the lettuce on days he has no crickets to eat, but still.. Anyway, Drago and I would love a year free worth of crickets! So he will never run out of crickets again.

      Drago’s Mom.

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      Smart strategy. I have had that problem with local suppliers as well, which is a bummer. To get that yearly supply, get all of your friends to log in to this site and give you a critter gold. And even if you don’t win, ordering monthly from Critter Depot might save you some headaches.

      How old is Drago?

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