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    Dolly and Rocky

    These are our two cricket eaters.  They are two year old marmoset monkeys.   Other than stink bugs and chicken wings, crickets are their favorite snack to munch on. These guys are not for everyone but for us they are a perfect pet.  We are empty nesters who love having kids around so this is the perfect substitute.  They are like have a couple of two year old toddlers that will forever stay two years old.  Everything they see is “mine” and if they don’t get their way they will pout.  They love to cuddle on us and get “groomed”.  They also like to groom their people and will spend time searching through our hair for bugs.

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    Sooo cuteee!!! Where did you get them from?

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    They are truly intensely adorable and I too would like to know where you got them.