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      Do pixie frog need water heater?

      I just got a pixie frog for my son. We just started using a ceramic bowl as his “swimming pool”. He spent almost all day in it. Should I have a water heater in it? I use a heating pad under the tank plus a ceramic light for heat. I aim for the low 80s in the warm corner of the tank. My guess is that the frog wouldn’t be in the water all day if it wasn’t a comfortable temperature for him. Is this right?

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      Well yes and no. Because a frog drinks through his skin, he has no choice but to spend a considerable amount of time in his bowl. If the water temperature itself is around 82, there should be no problem. Less than that and he may either get chilled, or begin to avoid the bowl and become dehydrated. If you have a laser digital thermometer, check the bowl throughout the day, including evening, to make sure the bowl is absorbing heat from the adjacent sources.

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