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      This is Sully, my beautiful honduran curly hair turantula. I named him after the monsters inc monster, because he’s big fuzzy and scary lookin but totally harmless. He’s about 3 years old now, and was a rescue of sorts but also a very important reminder of a lost loved one. I went to the pet store looking at all the big healthy turantulas, then I saw him curled in a little plastic cup, he was hardly alive and I got him for $7. I dropper fed him Pedialyte with crickets blended into it. My grandpa Joe bought him, his tank and his big plastic hide for me. 3 weeks before he died in a house fire.

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      Sorry to hear that about your Grandpa.  But that’s wonderful that you rescued Sully.  Is that the same luxurious red linen that you Flick uses?

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        Thank you, the funny part is grandpa was terrified of spiders but went with me to buy Sulky because he knew how much I wanted one. It is, I pretty much made a mini studio with my old prom dress and some cardboard

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      Also sorry to hear about your loss.  Is Sully healthy enough now to crawl up onto your hands and enjoy the experience or does his earlier neglect make him a nervous enough about handling to flick hairs?

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        He is, you’d never know he was so sickly. Every now and then I’ll spook him and get some rump hair thrown at me, but he’s normally pretty easy going about being handled. I let him run my living room in a hamster ball sometimes, he loves to explore in it because I think it makes him feel safe.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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