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      Cricket Contest

      This is my Leopard Gecko Flick, he’s almost 8 years old now. He’s the most friendly Leo I’ve ever met and was my only friend through middle School which I really needed. He’s a big healthy fella, got his name from how he wacks crickets around to his mouth with his tail so he doesn’t have to chase them. He goes through about 20 crickets every 3 days, which adds up pretty fast.

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      Flick looks like he’s ready to sneeze!  Pets are amazing and provide incredible companionship.  And it sounds like you’re treating him well, based on how friendly he is.  Is that luxurious red linen part of his habitat?

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        He’s the sweetest lizard I’ve ever met, he actually snuggles into my hands when I pick him up. That’s actually the skirt of my senior prom dress from a couple years ago, made a great backdrop for him!

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      Flick does look like a happy fellow.  It seems as though you have an interest and talent for close up and personal small pet photography.  Is this a business or a hobby?  Are there any tips you have to share with readers on tricks for getting that just perfect animal shot, because they seldom cooperate and never smile and stand or lay still when you exclaim those timeless words “say CHEESE”.  Animal photography can be an enormous challenge for people who are used to landscapes or portraiture.  All suggestions gratefully accepted here.

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        It’s both, I’m on the line of professional but business can be hard to find so I don’t have a huge a solid professional foundation just yet. Biggest trick for any animal is do pictures on a full belly in a calm area, for reptiles a heating pad under the backdrop makes a huge difference. This is picture was actually him chewing up a cricket. Don’t push them past their comfort level, if one day they’re cranky and not wanting to cooperate just let them rest and try another day, if you push it they start to associate it negatively and will never cooperate. High shutter speed is best for your faster moving critters, and try to put your lighting at an angle instead of right above them, seems to make them less nervous that way 🙂

Viewing 2 reply threads

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