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      Cricket Contest!

      Alfie is our bearded dragon that we adopted 6 months ago from a couple who could no longer give her the time she needed. When she first arrived to our place, she came in with an ATTITUDE. Any time any of us made a sound just a little too loud, she’d close her eyes in absolute annoyance. She only cared about two things, her puffy bed and her dubias. But after getting to bond with her for almost half a year, she has become so attached to us! She will demand just like the image to come out and hang out with us in the bedroom, and will snuggle on our shoulder. She’s still one sassy girl, if anything upsets her such as too many books, she’ll close her eyes in an eye roll way. She’s grown closer to us so much and we love her even if she’s a bit of a drama queen! ❤

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      What a character!! I bet she gives you plenty of laughs. What about too many books? Not sure I understand.

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        I meant boops! Dang autocorrect

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