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      Our emperor scorpions just magically had babies one day. We’ve never had it around other scorpions and we had it for a year and then surprise!

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      This is the coolest and creepiest thing I’ve ever seen! Do you have enough names picked out for all the scorplings? Do you breed scorpions? And I love the natural-looking substrate in your habitat BTW.

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        Lol. We haven’t picked out any names yet. We’ll see what happens. We read that a lot of times the babies don’t make it. I hope at least one does! They’re creepy cute.

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      I think this is completely adorable. I have heard other tales of females keeping their young inside for a year or more until the time is right. Apparently, you have made her so happy, motherhood seemed practical. Or she couldn’t keep them inside and was about to pop! Anyway, you are in for some fascinating viewing as she feeds her young ones.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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