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      Angela Rutledge
      Cricket Contest

      Where’s that darned cricket??? Pookie is my brand new beardie! I bought him from Petsmart, and he was the last beardie left. I guess, nobody wanted him. The employee told me he had been there two weeks. He was severely dehydrated when I brought him home, but he is doing so much better now! He is part of our family and my dogs love him!

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      Hes very cute, looks a little frustrated with his food haha

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      I’m not surprised he was dehydrated. You wouldn’t have to search this forum very long to find out what I think about buying pets from the big box stores. Supplies, sure, just not living creatures. He is very lucky to go to a good home before he was a goner. Is he a Christmas gift to yourself?

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        Angela Rutledge

        Yes. My mom bought me a terrarium and I gifted him to myself, lol.

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