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      Cricket Contest

      This is my 1 month old Crested Gecko. Currently, he/she resides in a critter keeper due to being so small. Hopefully, a year supply of feeders can help with getting my gecko to gain some weight and size.

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      Your gecko is still tiny! Crickets should help hehe

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      How do you like the critter keeper so far? More importantly, how much does your gecko like it?

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        I like that I can find the gecko easily, which makes viewing very enjoyable. I can hear him/her jump around at night, so I really want to give more space for him/her to explore. I feel like 1 month old is still to small to move into the 18x18x24 enclosure. Thanks for commenting!

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          So you like it very well, but you’re convinced he/isn’t crazy about and thinks it might be too small. When do you think you will upgrade and when you do, will it be bioactive, or more conventional?

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          The general consensus on the research my boyfriend has seen is around 10-15 grams. Our gecko is around 3-4 grams so just a little bit longer in the critter keeper. The enclosure in the background of the picture is the enclosure for it. It’s semi-bioactive. It has fake plants, but isopods and springtails already inside.

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          Like she said, we’re planning around 10 grams to move it in the larger enclosure. It’s just way too small to go into such a large enclosure, we would never see him/her again.

          If you have any tips on how to accelerate the growth rate, Rosos and I would really appreciate it.

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          No earth-shattering tips. Just food, food, food and lots of calcium and D3.

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