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      Cricket contest

      Hi, my name is Mochi and I’m a 4 month old little boy. I love to hang my legs off of my log and chill while I’m waiting for mom to feed me yummy crickets that I love so much! In the meantime, I munch on my blueberries and mustard greens that I also love very much while I wait for mom to give me cuddles. Also, don’t mind my dirty cage as I was just finishing shedding!

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      Your skin looks nice and new! I bet you feel better too and ready for those crickets that will help you to get even bigger.
      Did your mom get you to keep her company in lock down?

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        I already had another bearded dragon when I got him. I got my first one November of last year and fell in love with the species and decided to get another one. So Mochi has a big sister named Sunny.:) I’ll attach a photo of her below!

Viewing 1 reply thread

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