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      Beth Dillenbeck
      Cricket Contest

      I never seem to have the camera ready at the right moment so this doesn’t capture the antics of these guys, but…Collared lizards are athletic, acrobatic, smart and comical. They can get up on their hind legs and run like a sprinter, although of course in captivity they don’t have much opportunity for that. So they have to have quite large habitats to be happy, with basking spots for sunbathing, and they put themselves in the oddest positions…until I became accustomed to their wacky positions I often worried they were injured or worse when I’d see them sprawled out in awkward poses. But, no, they’re just stretching or lounging or whatever puts them at the best angle to soak up the UV.

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      Stunning colors well captured in this photo. It’s such a good photo that you might consider submitting it as microstock. Animal photography can certainly be challenging.

      Does this resplendent fellow have a name?

Viewing 1 reply thread

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