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      Cricket Contest

      This is Beatrice, she is my rescue Bearded Dragon. I was contacted about her because a girl had rescued her but couldn’t get her to thrive and everyone feared she had metabolic bone disease. When I first got Beatrice she refused to eat because she couldn’t chew, was so dehydrated and just had no strength to do anything, so I made a special mixture up and syringe fed her until she was strong enough to be able to eat and chew and now she’s so full of life and chasing crickets down and climbing all over her tank. It has been almost 3 weeks and she is a totally different lizard and so sassy, her mouth will never be normal but its not stopping her from living a good life and eating all the crickets her heart desires. Winning this contest would mean so much to me and all of my pets that eat crickets especially Beatrice as she grows and gets stronger and stronger every day.

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      thanks so much for doing a great job taking care of Beatrice.  it’s ashame bearded dragons need to be rescued.  But we’re grateful for caregivers like you.  So thanks again.  You have our vote for the contest!

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