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      Donna C Cogley
      Cricket contest

      This is Oden the Ambilobe panther Chameleon. He is so sweet and docile. Often times when he wants out or to get attention he will come to the front of his tank an wave to you. ❤❤❤ Absolutely love this spoiled boy!!❤❤❤ when we get a new shipment of crickets for the gang, Oden helps unpack them and samples the shipment for fine deliciousness… LOL

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      This cutie definitely deserves some gold, you have my vote! He is so handsome. Goodluck!

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      Seriously, he waves at you when he wants out? Boy, does he have you guys trained! Awesome that he is so docile and actually wants to get out and interact. More than a few forum members with chammies report that they are shy or downright cranky. Was he always a bit social? Or did it take some time?

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      D P Boscia

      It’s amazing how smart & communicative they are. Mine will remind me if I have forgotten to turn a light on by looking at the light and back to me until I do…

Viewing 3 reply threads

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