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      Cricket Contest

      This is Skippy the Water Dragon. This is his favorite place to chill in the pool and fog. He loves when he gets his crickets and superworms.

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      Wow, i bet skippy loves that habitat! How big is it? Does he have his own pool too?

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        He has been very happy since I got him. He has a small pool right now which he is sitting in here. He is in a 40 gal breeder at the moment. I just adopted him a few weeks ago and he came with the tank, a small pool, humidifier and 1 log. So I’ve been expanding slowly.

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          Dragons in the mist! That is a good size tank for him at this point. When you upsize will you buy a commercial habitat or build him a custom one yourself?

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          I’ve been going back and forth on that. I’ve been doing research on both to make sure I have the best habitat possible for him as he grows.

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          There are some interesting Youtube videos on custom build. It is unlikely that any one person’s approach will suit your needs completely, but they may be informative and thought-provoking enough to help you decide. I have gotten the distinct impression that the time and materials needed are about the same as just buying one outright. The exception would be if you need to fit it into cabinetry or a wall niche or something with odd dimensions, rather than setting it on a long table. I will be interested in what you decide to do and why.

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          Thank you for that information. Once I decide and have his forever home set up I will share

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          Thank you and we look forward to sharing the project with you. Vicariously, of course! 😉

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