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      Tawnya Edwards
      Cricket contest

      Here is little “Moe”…
      She is a little over a year old

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      Love the name! Simpsons references are racing through my head.

      Where’d you get Moe from? Did you breed him yourself or do you have a breeder you’d like to recommend?

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        Tawnya Edwards

        Thank you…I named her after a co worker that had some crazy eyes…you never knew where he was…I actually bought her from PetSmart in Columbia,Mo. She was so tiny…she wrapped around my pinky…I just recently bought a male and I am going to try to breed them but he just has to get a little bigger…thank you for inquiring….

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          The best of luck with breeding and we can’t wait to hear how it progresses! As I recall, Moe has been on the forum before and you reported that she is pretty chill all of the time. Correct? What is the temperament of her future husband like?

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          Tawnya Edwards

          Hello..yes little Moe has been on here before and she is pretty chill once I get her out of her habitat…she opens her mouth like she wants to bite me until she is out of her home…Rico is her boyfriend..I have not taken any pictures of him yet..I’m letting him settle in…but I have had him 2 weeks now and he has already shed and he eats 55 crickets in 2 days… thank you and I have been reading alot about the breeding process and it is going to be awhile…

Viewing 1 reply thread

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