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      Cricket Contest!!!

      Most pictures of my baby Biscuit have me in them (sorry). I love this girl! She gives me the Kool-aid smile like a kid (I’m in my 30s btw). I sing to her, I hold her like a baby in a blanket some nights. When I bought her she was 2 yrs old and looked like whole Biscuit so the name definitely suited her (she already had that name). She use to be a classroom pet so she’s super friendly. I’ve had all types of pets from a dog, cat, hamsters, fish, even crabs (don’t say that outloud, lol), but my Beardie baby has been my favorite! I look at her and I could cry at how happy I am to have her. Okay, call me a weirdo but I love her. So happy there are groups for people like me. We would love the crickets, I know people get picked off of cool photos but if you take a minute to read this backstory, you wouldn’t be making a mistake if you picked me! Let your vote be for someone who shares your same love of reptiles small and large. I know she’s not running for president, but free crickets for a year is a big deal. Would definitely help the pockets of a single parent mom with 3 (including my beardie baby) :~) We hope to get your vote!

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      That ain’t no biscuit, that’s an entire loaf!! 🤣🤣🤣

      It is wonderful that you two share such a deep bond. Don’t ever let anybody tell you that reptiles don’t bond with their owners.

      The best way to win the crickets is to get as many critter golds as possible in one month. And although your picture is indeed very cool, someone with a less fun picture but more golds will win. So if you and your family members are housebound in these interesting times, get them to register and log in and give you a Critter Gold!

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