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      This is Lizzie the Lizard! My 5 year old had to have her about 3 months ago and she has tripled in size! She’s eating us out of house and home lol! My daughter did however start sleeping in her own room and her own bed to be near Lizzie the Lizard! Lizzie is a super friendly Beardie who likes to be pet and held and especially fed! She likes to lay under her heat lamp all day on her branch she’s getting to big for! 😂 She also waves to us after shes been fed! Lizzie is a one or a kind gal!

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      Sounds like Lizzie is something of a comfort pet for your little girl.  I love it when pets can make people of all ages more comfortable in this world.  Was getting Lizzie your daughter’s idea all on her own, and if so, what prompted her?

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      Looking at the pic, I was bout to say Lizzie definitely looks like a big girl!  And that’s great your daughter is so nice to her.  Where did you get Lizzie?  Do you know any breeders?  Or did you go to a local pet store?

Viewing 2 reply threads

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