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      This is Sushi. He is a 4 month old veiled chameleon who was adopted from Petco Feb. 10th 2019 as a late birthday present. He is still fairly new to his home but has adjusted quite well (I would enjoy a screen enclosure more than a 6×7 tank on a shelf with a cold draft blowing on me as well). He sat through an hour long car ride to go home, and has since gone to a highschool once. Sushi actually hates being misted and often runs away to his only fake plant when his mister starts. Hes definitely shown alot of trust with me being he is willing to crawl out into my hand when he wants too. When he first arrived he would refuse to eat out of a feeder cup of any sort and would only day crickets if they where freely crawling around his enclosure (odd being how small he is but I guess he likes the game). Since going to my highschool he has not only made other people curious as to the care and needs of a chameleon but also realise they are not starter pets nor cheap pets. Biology teachers are in love with his very few colors and are anxiously waiting to see what colors Sushi will start to show over time being he has only shed once and already has some blue comming in on his throat. Please also do not call me a bad owner due to how dark he is in the photo, he was misted right before that and once again he does not like his mister at all.

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      Thanks for acknowledging that pet care is a responsibility.  We applaud your willingness to care for this beautiful animal.  Sounds like Sushi is a adapting well, and with proper care, should live a long and happy life.

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