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      Cricket contest

      Hi, I’m Dino Dan and I’m entering to win the cricket contest for the second time. I didn’t have much luck the first time so I’m really hoping I make it this time around. As I mentioned before, I share my home with a bearded dragon that eats alot more than me so winning these scrumptious bugs is important to me. My mom recently added a second bearded dragon to our home so bugs, bugs and more bugs is our game.

      Dino Dan

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      Dino Dan, you are looking really colorful.  You should ask your mommie to ask the sultan of crickets here at the Critter Depot whether or not postings and points for those are cumulative (for this humble servant of the grand master does not know the answer to that question). Tell me again what color morph you are?

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      I honestly don’t know what color morph he is. Good ol PetSmart sold him as a standard although, they had “fancy” for $10 more. He is my first gecko as well so I’m still learning about these wonderful creatures.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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