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      Rosalina Mangino

      Hi, so I’ve had my baby Pacman for about 3 months already! And I was wondering some just basic things. First, every day to every other day I feed him 1/2 of a nightcrawler which is then cut in half again for smaller pieces for him. I dust that with calcium or vitamin depending on the day it is. I think that is fine. I am going to start reintroducing crickets again, I just haven’t had them for a while. His temp range is around 79.5-81. He usually poops once or twice a week (at least what I know of). I just wanted to see if this is all good. He seems calm and moves a few times a day. So lastly, I was wondering 2 things. One, am I feeding him enough of the worm (which is just 1/2 of a full-length one) and occasionally I’ll give him 2 waxworms about 1-2 times a month. I didn’t really know the amount/size of waxworms and earthworms to feed him, I am worried about not feeding him enough. How many small crickets should I give him? And lastly, when should I start feeding him less. He is currently 4 months old.
      Sorry if the questions aren’t that clear.

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      All good questions and concerns. For right now, feed him as much as he will eat, if you want him to grow big fast. But in March you will need to slow it down a bit. Check in then and we can evaluate his diet as he approaches adulthood.

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        ok thanks will do!

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