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      Composting Grubs – Get your compost bin started

      Composting Grubs to Kick Start Composting

      Composting bins can be found in every gardeners arsenal.  This is great way to breakdown food waste and scraps, to create nitrogen-rich fertilizer.  But sometimes our compost bins need a boost.  And composting grubs (black soldier fly larvae) are a great addition to any compost pile.  They will break down nearly any food waste product, including meat, dairy, oily products, citrus, and everything else.  This means they are superior than red worms in composting.  And will yield an amazing fertilizer for your lawn and garden.

      Additionally, composting grubs are great for chickens.  If you’re a homesteader who composts and keeps chickens, then this can be a dual purpose activity that will net compost and healthy chickens with great eggs.

      Learn more about our composting grubs and why they are the best way to get a compost bin started.

Viewing 0 reply threads

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