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      Madison Forty-Way

      Hi everyone! I got a pac-man frog about two weeks ago and have been curious about decor! I have live plants right now but I’m thinking of doing sort of a “gnome garden”.

      Is there a possibility of me being able to make clay items to put in his tank?

      Are there certain clays/sealants that are toxic? If so, which ones? I wouldn’t want to hurt my new bud!

      What clays/sealants are safe or do you guys recommend?

      If anyone else has made some homemade decor for their pets, please share!

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      Frogs/Toads love clay! Id just make sure there is no additive in it (as far as i know most dont have extra stuff in it. Search for 100% natural clay) and I always use the clear silicone as a sealant/glue. Let it dry 24 hrs before adding to tank. I wouldn’t use paint on anything, if it were me. Good luck!

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      I agree with AB. Clay is excellent for many reasons, including climate control. Latex Drylock sealant should work well, but it needs to cure for a week.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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