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      James Orcutt
      Chicken’s birthday cake!

      These are my chickens! They just turned a year old and all thirteen of them are just full of personality! I made the cake out of fruit and veggies and seeds and a bit of everything all mixed together with yogurt they LOVE it! Please give a bit of critter gold, it would feed all my hungry reptiles! Thanks so much! – James

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      Wow! Impressive flock! I have to admit my ignorance with raising chickens, but what are they eating? We are ALWAYS getting email inquiries about feeding black soldier fly larvae to chickens. Is this something you’d put on the menu for them? We wrote a detailed article on BSFL for chickens.

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      Fat and gorgeous ladies. Buff Orpingtons, a barred rock and an unknown banty?

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      Dont see many chickens/chicks on this awesome forum, seems nice that other people are doing it. Beautiful Chickens, looking very well taken care of. Are there any roosters, I have heard they can be real peckers

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