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      Can’t Deny the Power of the Fly

      Dubia roaches are one of the most popular feeder insects.  And for good reason.  They offer the perfect amount of fat, protein, and fiber – all critical components for your pet’s health and happiness.  But the one area they lack is their calcium to phosphorus ratio.  At 1:1, they fall a little short of the 2:1 calcium-phosphorus ratio that experts recommend for reptiles.  Which is a problem, because every owner should be dusting their feeders.

      Or, they could buy black soldier fly larvae.  When we compared the black soldier fly larvae, and the dubia roaches, what we discovered was that both feeders offer comparable fat, protein, and fiber.  But what makes the BSFL stand out is their perfect 2:1 ratio of calcium: phosphorus.  Black soldier fly larvae are maggots, which means their squirmy little bodies hold a heavy amount of minerals to help them get through metamorphosis.  But those minerals are also the perfect amount that your reptile and amphibian require.  So before you start looking for dubia roaches for sale, consider black soldier fly larvae to maximize your pet’s nutritional intake.

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