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      Bearded Dragon?  Leopard Gecko?  Which is the best reptile for beginners!

      Bearded Dragons or Leopard Geckos?

      Every curious mind starts with one of these famous reptile pets.  But which is truly the better option for beginners?  Well, the  answer to that question largely depends on the user.  Is this pet for a hands-on child?  Or a relaxed adult?  Is the pet-parent able to spot clean daily?  Or do they need a pet that requires a little less maintenance?  Is the new pet parent looking for a curious companion that likes to explore beyond their own habitat?  Or does he/she prefer a pet that minds its own business from the comfort of its own home? The answers to these questions will determine which is the better pet for your personality.  And our detailed guide goes over these important differences between bearded dragons and leopard geckos.


      With great care, both bearded dragons and leopard geckos can live between 10 – 20 years.  So every potential owner show anticipate a long-term family member when adopting one.  But they don’t need the same care as each other.  Bearded dragons can create a lot of feces.  And they aren’t neat about it.  So new pet parents should expect to provide daily spot cleaning, and then provide a deep clean about once per month.

      Leopard geckos are typically neater, and will usually defecate in the same area.  It is recommended to spot clean daily, however their habitats can usually go 2-3 months without a deep clean.


      This is another area where leopard geckos and bearded dragons show their differences.  Bearded dragons tend to have a unique, playful, mischievous, and curious personality.  They enjoy climbing on their pet parents, and even embarking on explorations (assuming the temps are satisfactory).  This is what makes them a great beginner pet for curious children who want to hold their new pet.

      Leopard geckos are able to bond with their pet parents, similar to bearded dragons.  But they are a little more shy.  An over-excited child is very likely to scare your leopard gecko is handled to aggressively.  This can frighten your leo, and even cause them to lose their tails.

      There are a variety of other differences.  And those differences are spelled out in great detail in our guide.  But please ask questions below if it doesn’t cover something you’d like to know about!


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      I’d say by far an easier pet for a beginner would be a leopard gecko. Care is easy, cheaper feeding/lighting and require less space/time. That being said, with the right person, a beardie could work for a newbie just fine. But i recommend Leo’s to new reptile owners over bearded dragons.

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