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      Hello internet. I come here in need of help because I am worried about my little Pacman frog. He is an albino and I just got him a few weeks ago from the pet store. He was doing great at first with crickets, but starting last week he stopped digging himself back up to be fed. It has been a week since I have last seen him, and I am getting worried. I know he needs to eat, especially at his age. If anyone has any suggestions I am more than open to help.

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      Greetings Max,

      This is a pretty common concern. I advise reading all threads under the Pacman category. Of special note, is whether or not your pet has pooped in the last few days. You may have to excavate your friend and examine the hidey-hole in order to determine this. Check that out, as well as all threads on this topic, and then get back to us.

Viewing 1 reply thread

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