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      Why are Crickets so Popular

      Crickets are the most popular feeder insect.  However, this may be seem a little odd if you survey the reptile community.  Many experience keepers prefer superworms or dubias over crickets.  Some of the common complains with crickets is that they small, and that they will bite.  And if their habitat is not properly cared for, they can also get parasites, which can harm your pet.

      But they are popular for many reasons.  First, they are packed with lean protein.  This protein content is great for young dragons.  Young dragons need alot of protein to grow, and they’ll enjoy the hunt of chasing down the crickets.  Additionally, crickets breed much faster than dubias and superworms.  This means they are in more abundance, which means you can get more crickets for less money compared to superworms.

      Crickets are a good food source for your reptiles.  But a good reptile keeper will know to vary their diet with other insects.

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