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      Hi, im new here and new to owning frogs as well. About a month and a half ago I got two amazon milk frogs. They are in a bioactive setup. Recently I have had to pry leaves/stems and even moss out of the frogs mouths and both tend to choke on things ALL THE TIME. I literally do not understand. Is this normal?!?!? are my frogs just…. special? They are named Salt and Pepper. On monday it first happened to pepper. He had a HUGE peice of spag moss in his mouth and he kept trying to take it out but it wouldnt come out. I grabbed my tongs and heled to pull it out and he was back to normal. The literal next day SALT did the same exact thing. After this I took all spag moss out of the enclosure. Now today pepper choked on a stem to a plant!!! Its almost like this think this is a game or something, I just dont understand. How do milk frogs survive in the wild??

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      Sounds very frustrating. I am assuming that they are young. They may be going through learning curve that is going to keep you jumping until they are older. In the meantime, if you have to be gone for a huge portion of the day, cover everything on the bottom with damp paper towels and don’t feed them until you can be home to monitor their actions.

Viewing 1 reply thread

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