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      Hey everyone!
      Earlier I got a whites tree frog. When I was doing my research before I got her I completely forgot to check the humidity requirements! Right now the tanks humidity is 78%, is this good?

      One more thing, I was thinking when I got her she would be larger, but she’s very very small, way smaller then I expected, about 1-1.5”, what is the best food for her? I have some pretty small crickets, small mealworms, and some fruit flies from some of the other animals I keep, do you think any of these will work for her?

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      That humidity is a tiny bit high. Closer to 60 will keep her comfortable and prevent respiratory infections. Your diet choices for her seem fine. At this stage, feed her as much as she will eat of well-gut loaded items and be sure to dust her food with supplements. As she grows older, you will need to withhold food every so often to prevent obesity. There is a care guide on White’s tree frogs on this site that you may find useful.

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