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We did a lot of research about Bearded Dragons before we decided what type of reptile would be best for us.  I’ve seen it posted about heat rocks being very dangerous, but I really appreciate you making sure.  I’d hate to injure her due to not knowing.  I’ll take a picture of her habitat when I get home to post.  The picture I have is before we added her lounger.  She is in a 40 gallon aquarium.  She would prefer if she was never in it unless she is shedding though.  When she is shedding she is a bit of a diva and will puff her beard out if you even look at her.  She is all about the love otherwise.  Oh I forgot to answer your question.  We got her from a Petco.  I know they aren’t ideal for healthy animals, but we have gotten very lucky.  She is a happy, healthy girl.

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