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I already had a tree frog terrarium set up so i knew i could just put them in there until i had something more permanent, thankfully. But i had been wanting an all natural multi animal set up for years, just saw these little guys needing more space as a ‘reason’ to make one. Haha.

Ive added a few additions besides just the ‘rescues’, so everything has a friend that’s its own kind. Originally they sold me 1 male brown anole, 1 male green anole, 1 female green anole, 1 female house gecko. And i already had a tree frog. We now have 2 (male & female) American Green Tree Frog, 2 Female House Geckos, 2 (male & female) brown anole, 2 (male & female) green anole and two hermit crabs, Isopods and Springtails and a few snails for clean up crew. Plus a fish tank in the terrarium which has a betta with a few tetras, an algea eater, 2 african dwarf frogs and a few aquatic snails. I tried to make it as self sufficient as possible. Thinking about making a thread on here if anyone else wants info in how to do it. I did research on it for a few years before finally making it.


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