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She might be defending it lol.
Anyway I wanted a reptile for a while and I then chose leopard geckos because it was a good beginner reptile. I’m going to get different reptiles soon but for now I just have my geckos I have had her since she was 7-8 months old and I got her off craigslist. I did do months and months of research before I got her. And I do already have two more:
Zeppe, I got her like 3-4 months after Inde because she was a good deal and came with a tone of stuff. It was dumb at the time but I’m good now. she is about 9

Echo, I got a litte over a year after the first two. He was in fairly bad shape off of craigslist and I felt so bad for him and that he might go to a bad place because he was free. I got him and I thought he wouldn’t make it but he did. Ironically he is my best behaved!

I love them all sooooo much! Anymore question feel free to ask<3

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