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Not your fault! I have covid, but I am trying to keep up with folks on the forum anyway. Likely my blunder. In a nutshell, for such a youngin’ bear in mind that they have a very short digestive tract. True of all leos. But at this tender young age, a beginning diet of soft bodied worms is great. In a few weeks, crickets and dubia roaches will be fine. Mealworms should be avoided. Substrate, when not using paper towels, should be organic and fine grained, so any accidentally ingested material can easily pass through and not lead to impaction. No sand, ever, but I’m sure you know that.

For handling, placing a hand underneath him several times per week, not exceeding 5 days per week, will be a good way to start. Just handle him/her in the terrarium at first, not clutching her or lifting her out. Do this habituation with the hand for 7-10 days. This gentle treatment will build trust and prevent stress or alarm.

Eventually, you will be able to lift the little one out of the tank. Maddeningly slow with each step is the best course of action, until at least 3 months of age. Trust is everything here with their developing brains. But once that trust has been established, reptiles are not prone to reversing it. Their brains are not that nimble. That doesn’t mean they are stupid, but that they encode threats and safety in different ways than mammals.

I hope that is helpful and I am available for further advice as needed.

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