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Just an update:
Since the last time I posted. He had not pooped at all. He did eat several times after and even sings occasionally at night. He didn’t seem sick at all. But I was worried cuz he hasn’t pooped for me at all. I have had him for as few weeks now. Well today I soaked him in another honey bath. While he was in there I noticed he was acting a bit funny. Low and behold he started to poo. But it was really rough to watch. Big and Hard and almost seemed to be stuck. I went to try and help him a few times but he tried to bite me 4 times. Something that he hasn’t done yet. So I decided to let him soak longer than I had planned. Finally it made it’s way out. I w examined his behind to make sure there wasn’t any damage, but all seemed normal. He started hopping normally again as well. I put him in his tank and he hopped around for a bit, then made his burrow. Checked on him a few more times and all seems to be okay with him. I feel so much better that he pooed and I am sure he does too. Poor guy❤️🐸

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