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It will be interesting to see if any personality changes occur with age.  I have two house cats who are sisters.  Their personalities and even bodies are 18o from each other, and at 11 years old, I think it unlikely that the hyperactive one will change much and the laid-back ‘little fat chunk’ will suddenly be svelte and athletic.  On the other hand, I have seen a change in handling and training techniques work wonders with horses and goats.  Some failures, yes, where the animal’s personality seemed carved in granite, but also some incredible reversals the equivalent of turning Rocky into Kingston.  So keep on posting to keep us up with ongoing attitude developments.  If you discover any tips, please do share them.  As you may have noticed, another beardie owner of Oscar the Grouch (a rescue, which can have a lot to do with pet’s outlook on the world for awhile), has an unsociable fellow and they may benefit from the occasional action, change in food or enclosure, etc. that worked for you.  Oh and Kingston is uber, uber adorable.

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