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Just an update:
So since my last post froggy ate two more times. Once a day or two after post. Then I let him rest for a few days. Today I gave him an earthworm which he grabbed right away.
Now for the poop check. While he was eating his worm I checked the two burrows that he had dug since getting him. No poo. So I looked everywhere else in the tank. I have a water dish in there since the pet store told me he spent most of his time in his water dish. Now this is quite the contrary since he has been with me. I am guessing it is because I have much deeper substrate for him in my tank. Plus the enclosure is much bigger. He was in a holding enclosure for the two first nights I had him. That was so I could set up his bigger one. I didn’t see any poop in there either.
After he ate his worm I plopped him in his water since he hasn’t been in there at all since I have had him. I figured maybe it would relax him and I have read that they will defecate in their water if you do have a dish. I also read that they aren’t good swimmer so to keep the water shallow and keep an eye on them. He is big enough to get out of there. But I am checking on him periodically just in case. No poo yet but he is still soaking. He has been in there for about an hour. Anymore tips? Should I be worried? We do have reptiles that won’t go for awhile. So I am not sure when to be concerned with the frog.

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