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Thank you for asking. We are really enjoying him. He ate a nightcrawler on Monday. I got an order through the mail Tuesday with a bunch of bug goodies for our critters. He refused a horned worms, so I tried another night crawler, he refused that too. Figured the night crawler was a pretty big meal than what he was used to at the pet store. I offered a horned worms yesterday. He ate it! Then ate another. So I am guessing you were giving the right advice as to every other day. I may just offer him some today. To see if he eats it.
Is there a reason you said every other day? Do they need a day to digest? Do you think it is a bad thing to offer everyday? Or as humans are we trying to mock the environment nature provides for them. Meaning, they wouldn’t find food everyday? Sorry for all the inquiring lol. Just wondering, I want to do the right thing with him.
Thanks for asking about him❤️

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